Bear Charm

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Bear Charm
Bear Charm
Rarity Common
Type Charm
Effect Charm of Defense:
+0.025 Metabolism
+15% Damage Resistance
Action time 60 sec
Stack 10
Sell price 65 Cost
Imbued with the power of ancient spirits. When activated, slows the metabolism and increases the wearer's resistance to physical damage.
Workshop Altar
Level 1
Components Bear Hide.pngBear Hide (1)
Straw.pngStraw (8)
Magic Essence.pngMagic Essence (2)

Bear Charm is a charm.

Source[edit | edit source]

Bear Charm can be crafted on the Altar found on the surface left of the player's Castle or in the mines or dungeons.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Bear Charm can be used by the player to grant them the damage resistance and metabolism buff for 60 seconds.