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The Beggar

The Beggar is a non-playable character who gives the player quests and shares the lore on history of Niffelheim.

The Beggar can be found near the Ancient Portal leading to Asgard. The Beggar can be interacted with to receive a quest or a fragment of lore.


Only one quest from the Beggar can be active at a time. The player cannot receive a new quest from the Beggar until they complete the previous quest by claiming the reward.

No. Name Request Reward Description
1 Acquaintance Bread.pngBread (1)
Portal Scroll.pngPortal Scroll (1)
And here comes my dear guest. It's not often that I see a new face here at the end of nowhere. Let me take a look at you, Hero of Niffelheim. Bah! Don't act so surprised, I know a lot. I've already forgotten more than you will ever learn, and still remember a lot more! Do the old lady a favor, find me Bread.pngBread x1. As your reward, I will tell you the story of this place and therefore my story...

2 Witch's Helper Mead.pngMead (1)
Weak Spider Brew.pngWeak Spider Brew (2)
Would you like to learn more? Alright then, I'm willing to help you, viking - but sorcery is growing harder and harder for me. I can't do it without your help. Bring me Mead.pngMead x1, and I will continue the story..

3 Legend Lives On Essential Oil.pngEssential Oil (5)
Weak Troll Brew.pngWeak Troll Brew (2)
Where were we? Ah, yes, Jotunheim. Have you ever been there, warrior? If you haven't seen those endless swamps and black mountains, where ever-hungry vultures nest, you won't be able to understand the yearning of Jotunheim's dwellers. They yearn for beauty, warmth, for everything they've been deprived of... But I am losing myself in daydreaming. Please forgive me, warrior. To continue the story I need Essential Oil.pngEssential Oil x5. Can you help me?

4 Tranquility Magic Essence.pngMagic Essence (10)
Strong Deadman's Brew.pngStrong Deadman's Brew (2)
I will gladly sing the next part of the song, warrior, but first I need to calm down a bit. Black birds disturb my soul, two nasty black birds. They are screaming in different voices, but keep repeating the words of their master, the hated tyrant and murderer. Here they go again... my heart is pounding, my voice trembles.... I beg you, bring me Magic Essence.pngMagic Essence x10.

5 The End is Nigh Light Essence.pngLight Essence (10)
Strong Troll Brew.pngStrong Troll Brew (2)
The Last Hour is almost at hand, and then time will come to an end. Soon Asgard will fall forever. But first I will finish the song. Help me warrior, bring me Light Essence.pngLight Essence x10 to loosen my old tongue, to help the river of thought flow, free from the shackles of fear for the inevitable.

6 In Search of Purpose Berserker's Elixir.pngBerserker's Elixir (1)
Berserker's Rage Axe.pngBerserker's Rage Axe (1)
Would you like to learn the meaning of the saga I sang for you? Would you like to know what place has been prepared for you in the intricate tapestry of the future? And will it ever come true, or will the fabric of existence finally ripple, casting the old moldy Fates into the abyss? Bring me Berserker's Elixir.pngBerserker's Elixir x1, warrior. Bring me the "Wind of Death", and I will show you the truth...


No. Name Story
1 A World is Born I remember the darkness that started the Nine Worlds,
In it I see the first living creatures - frost giants,
Who challenged the gods and the heroes of Asgard.
They called hordes of creatures to start a great battle
And leading them was the Master of Iron,
A fire winged serpent, that crushed anything in its path.
The gods tremble with fear just at the sound of its name.
It died but will return to destroy the universe.
2 Exodus Defeating the giants, the gods tried to destroy them -
Flooded their lands with hot blood of Ymir.
All were drowned, only Bergelmir lasted.
Drifted through scarlet waves on a boat from an old oak,
Centuries spent in darkness trying to save his family.
Before they reached shores of ice and granite.
There the bold race of jotunns was born,
And till this day the land is known as Jotunheim.
3 Hidden Threat And the gods of Asgard, whose rage knows no bounds,
Decided to hide the weapon of those,
Who dared to challenge their false right
To rule the world around Yggdrasil.
They hid it here somewhere, in these lands of fog,
The realm of shadows, half-truths and deadly trolls.
The fire-winged Dragon sleeps once more bound in stone,
But the time is coming for it to awaken.
4 Murderous Purpose Bergelmir's kindred flourished in Jotunheim,
As did the hatred, planted by the gods themselves.
The Mistress of the Iron Forest, Bringer of Woe,
Had three children, who were destined to destroy Asgard
And die in the hour of the Greatest of Battles.
The Wolf, dreaming of devouring our hot sun.
The Serpent, wrapped around the entire world.
And the Mistress of the Dead, the cold and gloomy Hel.
5 In the Name of Death But Ragnarok is not the end, just a point on a circle,
A stone in a ring, after which all begins again.
The story of woe, defeat and fear.
The world will awaken, the gods resurrected...
And so, to break the circle,
Drowning Valhalla in darkness along with the ashes of Asgard,
Let us awaken the Dragon. His only reason to live
Is to destroy the Nine Worlds for all eternity...

Fragment of the Portal to Asgard[]

Beggar as Hel

Once the player gathers 21 of 22 Fragments of the Portal to Asgard and enters the Ancient Portal screen, the Beggar will turn into Hel and attack the player. When Hel is defeated, she drops the last Fragment of the Portal to Asgard, allowing the player to open the portal and complete the game.