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The following is a list of bosses in the game Niffelheim. The bosses are found in the mines below the player's workshop and in the both dungeons. Each boss guards a chest with valuable and sometimes unique loot and has a chance to drop one Fragment of the Portal to AsgardFragment of the Portal to Asgard. The chest is accessible after the boss is defeated, its contents depend on the dungeon it is found in and the boss' level.

List of bosses[ | ]

Mines[ | ]

The mines are below the player's workshop. Several bosses are found there in the lower levels:

  • Cave Bear
  • Fenrir's Child
  • Rat King

Spider dungeon[ | ]

The spider dungeon is located to the right of the player's castle. Spiders are found inside. The bosses appearing there are Elder Spiders and Female Spiders.

Troll dungeon[ | ]

The troll dungeon is located to the left of the player's castle. Skeletons and rats are found inside, the bosses are various trolls:

  • Coal Troll
  • Grave Troll
  • Snow Troll
  • Stone Troll

Related achievements[ | ]

Icon Name Description
Armadillo Armadillo Eliminate 3 Bosses in underground caves

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