Craftsman's Sword

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Craftsman's Sword
Craftsman's Sword
Rarity Rare
Type Weapon
Damage 1000000000000000000000
Effect Bleeding:
-100 Health
-10% Damage Resistance
Action time 68
Bonus +12% Effect Chance
Durability 150
Only a true master of smithery is able to craft a light, balanced blade, serving as a continuation of the warrior's arm.
Workshop Forge
Level 4
Components Silver Ingot.pngSilver Ingot (2)
Titanium Ingot.pngTitanium Ingot (2)
Rare Weapon Scroll.pngRare Weapon Scroll (1)

Craftsman's Sword is a sword.

Source[edit | edit source]

Craftsman's Swords can be crafted in the level 4 Forge.

Uses[edit | edit source]


Craftsman's Sword is used to craft the following items:

Image Name Type Workshop Level Components Amount Crafted
Death to the Bastard Sword.png Death to the Bastard Sword Weapon Forge 5 Craftsman's Sword.pngCraftsman's Sword (1)
Titanium Ingot.pngTitanium Ingot (2)
Legendary Weapon Scroll.pngLegendary Weapon Scroll (1)
Ragnarok's Eve Sword.png Ragnarok's Eve Sword Weapon Forge 5 Craftsman's Sword.pngCraftsman's Sword (1)
Golden Ingot.pngGolden Ingot (2)
Mythical Weapon Scroll.pngMythical Weapon Scroll (1)


Craftsman's Sword is not currently used in any quests.