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Iron Trap
Iron Trap
Rarity Common
Type Trap
Durability 5
To capture small animals, place the trap near their habitat.
Workshop Sawmill
Level 3
Components Iron Ingot.pngIron Ingot (1)
Straw.pngStraw (4)

Iron Trap is a trap used to capture small animals.


Iron Trap can be crafted in the level 3 Sawmill.

Five Iron Traps can be received from Raven as a reward for completing one of Raven's quests.


Iron Trap can be placed near a place where small animals spawn to capture them to use in crafting, quests, or farming.

Once the Iron Trap is placed and an animal is captured, the player can interact with the trap to pick it and the prey up. A trap can hold one animal at a time. A trap can be reused as long as its durability allows.

The Iron Trap can be used to trap the following animals: