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The following locations exist in the world of Niffelheim.

Starting worlds[ | ]

When starting a new game the player is prompted to choose a location they want to start in. The locations are:

Despite having different descriptions, the worlds have similar layout and the same spawning rates for items and enemies. The differences between the worlds are cosmetic: they have different scenery and use different colors for the player's flags and banners.

Main map[ | ]

Castle[ | ]

The player's Castle is located in the center of the main map. The castle consists of the central keep with defensive walls and towers and two spots for placing farm buildings. The keep and other buildings can be built and upgraded to increase the defence and production. Upgrading the Castle is essential for fending off Buried Guards, Death Demons, or rival players.

The player's Workshops and the door leading to the mines below are found inside the Castle.

Dungeons[ | ]

Two dungeons are located to the left and to the right of the Castle. The player can dive into the dungeons to fight enemies for unique loot and defeat bosses to obtain Fragment of the Portal to AsgardFragment of the Portal to Asgard.

The enemies in theses dungeons include skeletons, spiders, trolls, and rats.

Rogue Priest and Fallen Priest are also found here and will give the player quests when approached.

Crypt[ | ]

The Crypt can be found in the left part of the map. Inside are several high-level Buried Guards and a Death Demon who will march towards the player and attack them. After the Death Demon is defeated the player will get a chest containing various potions and the Dragon ForbearerDragon Forbearer used to summon the Dragon.

Other notable locations[ | ]

Ancient Portal is to the left of the player's Castle. The ruined portal to Asgard is found inside. Here the player can approach the Beggar to get a quest or some lore from her. A healing throne is located in the leftmost corner of this map.

Witches Burrow is the right part of the map. A level 1 Alchemy crafting station is found inside.

A level 1 Kitchen, a healing throne, and a totem to craft charms are also located on the surface map.

Other maps[ | ]

The player can visit other three maps to hunt, log, or gather or to attack the rival players residing there.

Temple City[ | ]

The player can visit the Temple City by interacting with a sign in each corner of their map or by paying 50 Cost to teleport to it from the global map.

The Merchant's Shop to the left allows the player to buy and sell items for money. The shop's inventory refreshes every five days. More items appear in stock as the time progresses.

Temple of Dragon Resurrection to the right offers the player to summon the Dragon in exchange for the Dragon ForbearerDragon Forbearer, one SheepSheep, and 1,000 Cost.

There is a Level 1 Kitchen the player can use in the left corner of the map.