Merchant's Shop

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The Merchant's Shop is located in the Temple City and allows the player to buy items for Cost.

Stock[edit | edit source]

The store starts with a limited number of items, stocked with a stack of each item. The stock expands with time and resets every five days starting with the sixth game day.

Some items, like Spices.pngSpices, Pumpkin Pie.pngPumpkin Pie, Mushroom Pie.pngMushroom Pie, or Gladiator Armor set can only be obtained from the shop. Other items can also be crafted by the player.

List of possible items[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Rarity Cost Stack Size
Antidote.png Antidote Potion Common 100 100
Beer.png Beer Potion Common 31 100
Craftsman's Axe.png Craftsman's Axe Weapon Rare 400 1
Fire Arrow.png Fire Arrow Arrow Uncommon 13 120
Golden Chainmail.png Golden Chainmail Armor Uncommon 675 1
Gunpowder.png Gunpowder Resource Common 56 400
Iron Arrow.png Iron Arrow Arrow Common 3 120
Iron Boots.png Iron Boots Armor Common 75 1
Iron Helmet.png Iron Helmet Armor Common 75 1
Light Essence.png Light Essence Resource Uncommon 143 200
Magic Essence.png Magic Essence Resource Uncommon 118 200
Master Bow.png Master Bow Weapon Rare 400 1
Mead.png Mead Potion Common 56 100
Mushroom Pie.png Mushroom Pie Food Common 37 100
Poisoned Arrow.png Poisoned Arrow Arrow Uncommon 13 120
Portal Scroll.png Portal Scroll Consumable Uncommon 62 10
Potion of Regeneration.png Potion of Regeneration Potion Common 187 100
Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie Food Common 43 100
Spices.png Spices Resource Common 18 100
Steel Axe.png Steel Axe Tool Common 62 1
Steel Pick.png Steel Pick Tool Common 62 1
Steel Sword.png Steel Sword Weapon Common 200 1
Strong Tincture of Health.png Strong Tincture of Health Potion Common 112 100
Stunning Arrow.png Stunning Arrow Arrow Uncommon 13 120
Thick Potion of Health.png Thick Potion of Health Potion Common 175 100
Titanium Arrow.png Titanium Arrow Arrow Common 5 120
Titanium Axe (weapon).png Titanium Axe (weapon) Weapon Uncommon 200 1
Titanium Belt.png Titanium Belt Armor Uncommon 256 1
Titanium Bracers.png Titanium Bracers Armor Uncommon 150 1
Titanium Faulds.png Titanium Faulds Armor Uncommon 193 1
Titanium Pauldrons.png Titanium Pauldrons Armor Uncommon 175 1
Torch.png Torch Weapon Common 18 1
Water of Death.png Water of Death Potion Common 50 100
Weak Potion of Health.png Weak Potion of Health Potion Common 50 100
Yew Bow.png Yew Bow Weapon Common 87 1