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The following is a list of shields in Niffelheim.


Shield is the equipment used to protect the player from damage in melee combat. Shield has to be equipped in the respective inventory slot in order and used in combat by pressing its assigned button to block some of the incoming attack's damage. The better the shield the more damage it blocks.

Each hit a shield takes reduces its durability. When its durability reaches zero, the shield is destroyed. The player can restore some durability of their currently equipped weapons and their shield by using a Small Weapon Repair Kit or Big Weapon Repair Kit from their inventory.

List of shields[]

Image Name Rarity Armor Durability Bonus
Ancient Shield.png Ancient Shield Common 1 5 25% Damage Reduction
Wooden Shield.png Wooden Shield Common 1 6 33% Damage Reduction
Copper Shield.png Copper Shield Common 1 8 33% Damage Reduction
Iron Shield.png Iron Shield Common 2 8 50% Damage Reduction
Warrior's Shield.png Warrior's Shield Rare 3 30 60% Damage Reduction
Titanium Shield.png Titanium Shield Uncommon 3 10 60% Damage Reduction
Golden Shield.png Golden Shield Uncommon 3 12 75% Damage Reduction
Dragon Shield.png Dragon Shield Legendary 4 40 80% Damage Reduction
Watcher's Shield.png Watcher's Shield Mythic 5 50 90% Damage Reduction

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