Tempered Shells

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Tempered Shells
Tempered Shells
Rarity Uncommon
Type Ammunition
Damage 10
Effect Burning:
-50 Health
Action time 15 sec
Bonus +25 Damage to Buildings
Stack 20
These shells have additional incendiary capabilities and are extremely dangerous.
Workshop Forge
Level 4
Components Silver Ingot.pngSilver Ingot (1)
Titanium Ingot.pngTitanium Ingot (1)
Produces Tempered Shells x5 per recipe

Tempered Shells are an ammunition for Hand Cannon and Soul Destroyer Hand Cannon.

Source[edit | edit source]

Tempered Shells can be crafted in the level 4 Forge.

Uses[edit | edit source]


Tempered Shells is not currently used to craft anything.


Tempered Shells is not currently used in any quests.