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A Vegetable Garden

The Vegetable Garden is a building that can be constructed in a player's castle.


Vegetable Garden occupies one of the building slots to the left or right of the player's citadel.

After the Vegetable Garden is build it can be upgraded further to increase the resource production and improve its ability to withstand enemy attacks.

The Vegetable Garden can be demolished anytime by interacting with it to free the space, allowing the player to construct another building in its place.

Structure Level Durability Components Description
Vegetable Garden 1 600 Timber.pngTimber (10)
Twigs.pngTwigs (20)
Rope.pngRope (2)
Build a wooden Greenhouse.

Vegetable Garden 2 1200 Clay.pngClay (15)
Straw.pngStraw (20)
Flammable Oil.pngFlammable Oil (4)
Build a clay Greenhouse.

Vegetable Garden 3 1600 Building Stone.pngBuilding Stone (20)
Board.pngBoard (10)
Iron Ingot.pngIron Ingot (10)
Build a stone Greenhouse.


The Vegetable Garden can be interacted with to start producing the following:

The amount of resources the Vegetable Garden produces and the time spent on producing them depends on its level. The resources can be collected after the production is finished.