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Weak Deadman's Brew
Weak Deadman's Brew
Rarity Common
Type Potion
Effect Holy Water:
+20% damage to Undead
+12% Resistance against Undead
Action time 300 sec
This broth increases damage dealt to undead. It also increases resistance to incoming damage from undead.
Workshop Alchemy
Level 2
Components Water of Death.pngWater of Death (1)
Skeleton Parts.pngSkeleton Parts (1)
Weak Potion of Strength.pngWeak Potion of Strength (1)
Produces Weak Deadman's Brew x2 per recipe

Weak Deadman's Brew is a potion.


Weak Deadman's Brew can be brewed in the Level 2 Alchemy workshop.


Weak Deadman's Brew can be consumed by the player to get a 300 second buff increasing their damage to the undead and decreasing the damage they take from attacks of the undead.


Weak Deadman's Brew is used to craft the following items:

Image Name Type Workshop Level Components Amount Crafted
Strong Deadman's Brew.png Strong Deadman's Brew Potion Alchemy 5 Weak Deadman's Brew.pngWeak Deadman's Brew (1)
Witch Skull.pngWitch Skull (1)
Cone Fungus.pngCone Fungus (1)