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Weak Hunter's Brew
Weak Hunter's Brew
Rarity Common
Type Potion
Effect Wild Hunt:
+20% damage to Animals
+12% Resistance against Animals
Action time 300 sec
Stack 100
Sell price 50 Cost
This broth increases damage dealt to beasts. It also increases resistance to incoming damage from beasts.
Workshop Alchemy
Level 1
Components Water of Death.pngWater of Death (1)
Fangs.pngFangs (3)
Weak Potion of Strength.pngWeak Potion of Strength (1)
Produces Weak Hunter's Brew x2 per recipe

Weak Hunter's Brew is a potion.


Weak Hunter's Brew can be brewed in the Level 1 Alchemy workshop.


Weak Hunter's Brew can be consumed by the player to get a 300 second buff increasing their damage to animals and decreasing the damage they take from animal attacks.


Weak Hunter's Brew is used to craft the following items:

Image Name Type Workshop Level Components Amount Crafted
Strong Hunter's Brew.png Strong Hunter's Brew Potion Alchemy 5 Weak Hunter's Brew.pngWeak Hunter's Brew (1)
Buffalo Skull.pngBuffalo Skull (1)
Bull Root.pngBull Root (1)